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Ron grew up among the trails, Jurassic geology, and scrub-oak thickets of the Colorado front-range. He studied art, poetics, education coffee, and wine before moving to Costa Rica to pursue a multilingual, cultural and ecological education for his family. While in Central America, Ron taught English to all grade levels as well as adult corporate programs. Soon a partnership was formed with is colleague, Carl Emmons, where they actualized the shared dream of a holistic learning environment that challenges students intellectually, creatively, and spiritually with the founding of Amerikanoestudios in 2010. Ron develops local and international partnerships supporting methodologies of cultural and ecological recovery. 


Ron Graduated from Metropolitan State University with a BA in English, and took a Masters of Education through Colorado Christian University. He also studied poetics at Naropa University and indigenous writing techniques with Marin Prechtel in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico.


In 2012, Ron turned to an intense study of permaculture and edible forest gardening with Eric Toensmeier at Woodbine Ecology Center, in  Sedalia Colorado.  With this training he leads community garden projects with schools to unite story, nature, and community in living regenerative classrooms.

Permaculture became a foundational concept for Ron's passion with holistic education and regenerative practices. Rather than the orthodox tendency to divide learning into subjects and specializations, Ron saw the advantage to integrating all content in order to improve relevance and retention of learning. 

His work with Originateve and volunteer service with Rotary International connected him in 2019 with Epic Ethics for Peaceful Schools, a Rotary ethics program for elementary schools. Ron took over as CEO and built the program into a full social and emotional learning curriculum for early childhood through sixth grade. The resources were accessible for free online and used in 20 countries around the globe.


About: Ronald Green MA



Fluent: English

Working Proficient: Spanish

Low- Intermediate: Swedish

Pursuing: Saami, Arabic, Korean, French, Mandarin, Nahuatl, Bribri, Ute, Sanskrit, Greek,

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