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Online English Lessons


Ron Green has taught Intensive English Acquisition and Multilingual Learning for over four years and founded a holistic Academy of Literacy, Culture and Ecology in Costa Rica and a Holistic Education Charity in Denver, Colorado, USA. His style is dynamic, rigorous, and based on cutting edge research, and Literacy techniques. He is a not just a teacher, but also a mentor author and scholar of humanities, languages, science, psychology and empathy. Lessons are customized to the student goals.


Learn naturally and learn more . . . more than just English.


Skype Address: ronaldoverde303

Private English Lessons

$30 USD/ hour


Experience the relief and motivation of having a coach and mentor through the process of English Acquisition. Price includes review and correction of student work.  

Document Review & Proofreading

$15 USD/ page (300 words)


If you have a document that you need to have proofread don't rely on google to make you sound good.   I will edit for mechanical elements as well as content such as style, voice, locic and flow. Comments are delivered to you as treated text and designed to improve your learning.  

Ron's praise from students.

"Thank you, because your class was the best thing occurred in my life."

                           -H. Sadis


"You are very kindly and helpful teacher. You will live in my mind forever forever. You are my best teacher in my life. You gave me the most unforgottable and the best memory in my study abroad life."

                               -K Xu


"You are one of the few teachers for whom I have a special appreciation. Despite the short period that we spent together, I got a great benefit in your class."

                      - M. Alghamdi


"You are the most honest, pure person I've ever met!"

                        -A. Alqarni

Blessings to all my students-  past, present and future.  You are all gifts!


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