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Story Telling & Workshops 

A great education begins with Story, Myth, Legend, Fable and Saga surge through our lives with every inhalation. How can we contribute to the needs of the future without remembering the wisdom collected from two-hundred thousand years of walkabout? Through affirming old tales and weaving their matrices, a spontaneous plethora of madrigals are ignited into being, half remembered, half newly conceived as the individual breathes them into new life. From story, relevance is gained so that information has a home with a warm fire and a feast to welcome it into our memory instead of the modern disconnected bits and bytes that can never bite even a bit- being numb data, tasting only of starch and static. An ecosystem without roots and organic matter erodes quickly and dries fast, going dormant; where are the roots in a cement landscpe, where are the leaves in a glass sky? Learning is linked to story.  Myth is as importnat to culture as water to life, we need it to survive. I'm happy to share with all who would take a sip from the gourd of stories.

Schools and Community Organizations 
Denver/ Greater Colorado


I do several performances a year for local schools, retirement centers, and nonprofits.  Select from one of my specialties or tell me your region or theme and I can prepare a customized story or presentation, or group workshop.

Story Specialties
On Stage, I become Lucian, The Traveler

I specialize in myths and legends from:


The Old Norse

American Indian/ Coyote


Costa Rica- Bribri  & Chorotega



English, Celtic, and European


Story Through Folk Music


Celtic- English- American


Music allows language and story to translate on a completely different level.  I have a broad song book for all audiences.  I will  also learn special requests if given advance notice before a performance.  

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